Power to some is the tongue.

Power to some is education.

Power to some is money.

Power to some is weapons.

Power to some is strength of their mind and body.

Power to some is, love.

Power to some is art.

Power to some is life longevity.

Power to some is spirituality.

Power to some is satisfaction

To me power is knowledge

So what is power to you?


A world of beauty, a world of peace,

A world free of poverty, a world free of disease,

A world of music, a world free from noise

A world free of greed, a world of emotionally wise,

A world of honesty, a world free of corruption,

A world of liberty, a world free from captivation,

A world where art is rejoiced,

A world where imagination is celebrated,

A world where forgotten not is the past,

A world where with hope the future is looked at,

Such a world in my dreams I do see,

Such a world is where I wish to be…



Know they do laughter,

Know they do tears,

Know they do peace,

Know they do chaos,

Know they do acceptance,

Know they do rejection,

Know they do joy,

Know they do pain,

Know they do hope,

Know they do dismay,

Know they do love,

Know they do hatred,

Know what they don’t do… is “WHY”!


Smoke….that poisonous slow death is filling the air,
An endemic it is not,
Polluted air from vehicles it is not,

Yet killing me it is by spreading everywhere

Come it does from my dad’s cigarette,

Yet there is nothing I can do,
I start crying “Dad throw it away; stop it!”

But he smiles at me not having any clue…

My breath I am losing,
My lungs hurt,

Wish I could tell my dad,
Smoking kills people around the room more than the person smoking,

Sadly… my dad never did understand…

My mom feeds me with no idea why I cried…

I took my last breath

And my eyes got closed….

Alas! Wish I could have told them,

Tobacco killed your newborn son even before he could see the world….”

Yasir Sulaiman

Seen I had many beautiful stars,

Seen I had many benevolent smiles,

Thought I had, that I had seen paradise too,

But then I saw you….

Heard I had a lot of heavenly sounds,

Heard I had many eternal beats,

Thought I had, that I had heard the Almighty’s voice…

I had taken a vacation from my job in the middle east and had come to Chennai to spend some time with my family and friends. As I was already used to the developed city life over there, the city conditions over here bored me and sometimes I found it…

I am back with the story of another author from South Africa. Say “Hi” to Santi Kruger. She is a homemaker as well as an entrepreneur from Stilfontein North West, South Africa. As an author myself, I became acquainted with Santi recently and found out that writing and poetry have…

Kagiso Manawe Digomo, was born in the Limpopo province of South Africa. She has always had a passion for writing, but never took it seriously until her early teens. She then started to write poems also performed some of her poems at some farewell functions in her school. Hence, it…

This is the next post in the series I started last week. #AnybodyCanWrite. It is after a very long time in my career that I am getting back to creating posts with no back-links or marketing intentions. This series is just for sharing the expertise I gained over the years…

Yasir Sulaiman

An Author of 5 Books

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